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Posted by Steve on 2011-11-21 18:48:30 GMT


Gosh, this is exciting, isn't it?

The very first post blog post!

So welcome to 100causes.com, the home of the 100 Gigs, 100 Causes tour. I'll be updating this blog throughout the tour, letting you all know what's been happening, and including lots of lovely videos and photos from the tour.

Although the tour hasn't actually started yet, it's quite busy round here, getting all this up and running (huge kudos to Ian!). We shot a video at the weekend as a sort of promotion-cum-reference, which you'll be able to see on this very site quite soon.

Have a look around the website. It'll be continually updated with all the news and all the info on the gigs as it comes in. In the meantime, enjoy!

...and don't forget to spread the word to everyone you know, get them to "like" the Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter, using the handy links at the bottom of the page.


See you soon!




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